Loyal Until Death Remain Defiant on “Condemned and Judged” (Song Premiere)

Photo: Alia Mohamed

Pompano Beach, Florida might sound like an ideal place to go for a little rest and relaxation, but don't tell that to the guys in Loyal Until Death. The metallic hardcore power trio specialize in the kind of aural violence that has more in common with the ugly sounds of Hatebreed and Sworn Enemy than it does with anything even remotely close to "beach music."

On July 7, Loyal Until Death will drop Remain Defiant, an 11-song full-length, via 1732 Records, the label run by guitarist/vocalist Nakia Romero. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Daniel Columbo, while its artwork comes courtesy of Eliran Kantor.

Today, No Echo is taking you into the weekend with the premiere of "Condemned and Judged," a bastard of a track from the forthcoming album.

Remain Defiant will be on on July 7, and various preorder bundles are available on Bandcamp, Big Cartel, and iTunes.

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