Hellbent: Ontario Band Gives Us Razor Sharp Melodic Hardcore via “Gunundrum” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Omar Ludin

The Port City punks in Hamilton’s Hellbent are a fun-lovin’ crew. Between their loving odes to rescue pups and literally crashing a record release show of their fellow Canadian pals in PUP, the bong-ripping crew doesn’t come across as stony-faced or dour. However indebted their laid back and green leaf infused temper may be, their music is deadly serious.

At its core, this is deceptively slick and razor sharp melodic hardcore. Hellbent is lent a manic energy from the gnarly standard set by a Will Killingsworth master job. Produced by Scott Middleton (Cancer Bats), their latest splits the difference between grime and sheen in a way most couldn’t. 

No Echo is stoked to premiere the music video for “Gunundrum” from Hellbent’s forthcoming LP, Primitive Hits:

Directed by Justis Krar, the clip takes its visual cues from the distorted textures of the '80s. It’s a rager that could also double as a safety PSA on home improvement. Though their collective tongue may be pllanted squarely in cheek, their foot is on the fucking gas. 

Primitive Hits will be out soon via all streaming outlets.

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