Glass Ox: Iowa Trio’s Crushing Musical Approach Isn’t Easy to Categorize

Photo: Bruce Bales

Glass Ox was first activated by vocalist/guitarist Bo Becker (Idolist, Land of Blood and Sunshine, Modern Life Is War)  in 2014 via a self-titled EP. An additional EP followed, along with some membership changes, and the Iowa band solidifed in 2018 when drummer Javi Rodriguez and bassist Mythias Keahna completed the power trio.

"We got together, jammed and really meshed well," Javi tells No Echo. "Since then we’ve written and released a full-length album and an EP in 2020 and 2021, respectively."

The sound Glass Ox kicks up a sound that brings to mind sonic elements of sludge, proto-metal, post-hardcore, and atmospheric doom. Yes, it's a lot to take in, but the musicians finesse the hell out of it, and Bo's songwriting rises to the challenge.

"I personally feel like we have a sound that is somewhere between punk, doom, and '80s metal," offers Javi. "We don’t really know so we just call it swamp metal [laughs]. I really have no idea. We sound like a band that should’ve broken up a long time ago. We just get together and rip and leave it to our friends to decide what the fuck we are."

Decide for yourself via Temptress, Glass Ox's latest EP:

No Echo asks Javi how their music scene in Iowa has taken to what Glass Ox has been doing these past few years. "I definitely think our scene really likes what we’re doing. We kinda came outta nowhere and people didn’t really expect it. The people that were into the band before were stoked to see and hear new material with some new blood.

"All of us are in other bands and projects, so it was really cool to form and see what we could come up with. Especially with the pandemic and everything at a stand still. It was the perfect time to write and really be creative. The thing about our scene here in Iowa is that we really have a great bond with a lot of the bands here.

"Shows were always fun because so many of our friends are in some really rad projects. So, we’re all really eager to get back to normalcy whatever that is nowadays. There’s a lot of talent in this state and we’re happy and proud to be a part of it."

Photo: Carolyn Wanatee

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