Crossfire: Indianapolis Unit Drops Brutal Metallic Hardcore on Debut Release (PREMIERE)

Photo: Scott Michael Wilson

I love heavy metal in all its forms, but when I am angry at the world odes to leather and motorcycles or cosmic horrors usually don’t scratch the itch. Metallic hardcore (with an emphasis on the "hardcore") might just be what the doctor ordered.

Thank god for this new release from Indianapolis-based unit Crossfire, whose Demo 2024 is being issued on cassette and digitally on February 2nd, courtesy of Wise Blood Records. This is what I’ll throw on next time I feel like telling the corporate overlords to go to hell. 

Crossfire knows what they’re about as well. About their sound, Carter Seaton (also of melodic hardcore juggernaut Sundown) had this to say:

"It's easy to just say 'metallic hardcore' to the new kids. For the old heads, it's very Cleveland and NYHC sounding, mixed with some Slayer influences. Made by and made for fans of Integrity, Ringworm, Earth Crisis, and Merauder. I’m not a tough guy, so I don’t write lyrics about being a tough guy. I mostly write lyrics about personal struggles and constantly being beaten down by the current climate of the world.”

Today we bring you Crossfire’s Demo 2024 in its entirety. Try not to break your computer while moshing. 

Crossfire will make their live debut on February 2nd at the Wide Eyed Winter Fest at Healer in Indianapolis, Indiana. Other bands on the bill include Gunmask, Slur, Colossal Man, Crisis Actor, and No Echo faves Velocity (get tickets).

Demo 2024 will be out on February 2nd via Wise Blood Records (pre-order).

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