Cornered: Dutch Hardcore Band Brings Riffs + Groove on New EP (PREMIERE)

Photo: Luuk Toorman

Formed back in late 2008, Cornered is a hardcore band that has kept up a consistent release and gig schedule throughout that time. 

Starting with their demo 7 inch in 2009, the Dutch hardcore unit has released 10 records, and they've also mounted the same amount of tours, playing throughout Europe and the States.

With a NYHC-fueled style that balances gritty riffing with groove-driven rhythmic shifts that surely set off mosh sessions anytime Cornered hit the stage.

No Echo is pleased to bring you the premiere of Failure, Cornered's new EP brimming with the good shit people have come to expect from the European outfit:

‘It’s nice that we are finally able to make some money with our art," Cornered vocalist Niels Amperse sardonically told No Echo via email.

"It started as a really bad joke and then it just got worse gradually. After all the free beer and kitchen floors to sleep on, it’s just a bunch of sweaty guys shouting at each other."

Photo: Aga Hairesis

Failure will be released on January 29th via Blindsided Records.

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