Constraint: Louisville HC Group Writes About the Horrors of War on "Bullets Business" (PREMIERE)

Photo: Errick Easterday

In a Louisville hardcore 1-2 punch, Constraint have teamed up with label Life and Death Brigade for a new EP called Nerf Planet. Constraint has been a staple of the Louisville hardcore scene since 2016, and features members of such band as Inclination, Wicked Garden, Love & Trust, and Gates to Hell.

No Echo is excited to bring you the premiere of “Bullets Business," a track from the forthcoming EP:

“It’s more or less about how meaningless the lives of soldiers are to the people sending them off to fight these wars," Constraint vocalist Tyler Short told No Echo about the song's lyrics. "Money is the object of all these conflicts and the fact that racism and xenophobia are being peddled to swindle poor whites and poor Muslims into killing each other, only for the profit of the people handing them the rifles and suicide vests just fucking sucks.

"But until we can move to a time of post religion or post bigotry these scumbags are gonna keep manipulating these poor kids into killing themselves and killing each other while their families scrape by without them."

Tyler continued: "I like writing for Constraint because I don’t have any boundaries on what I can write about. I can write about the things that make me angry without feeling like it has to be well thought out or profound. Not saying songs about straight edge are that profound, but I try harder to keep a tone with Inclination where constraint is just me unfiltered. We’re gonna try to do more this year so barring another season ending injury we’ll be rockin'.”

Stay tuned to Life and Death Brigade on Twitter for more info on the release of Constraint's Nerf Planet EP.

Constraint tour dates with End on End:
March 13 in Tulsa, OK at The Vanguard
March 14 in St. Louis, MO at The Sinkhole
March 15 in Chicago at Subt (downstairs)
March 16 in Louisville at Spinellis


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