Cherish: New South Wales Hardcore Unit Is Ready for the World to End on Debut EP

Photo: Sabrina Loong

Robert from the excellent Aussie label, Life.Lair.Regret. Records, recently tipped me off on one his latest signees, Cherish. From New South Wales, the band recently made its debut on the label via a six-track EP called Your Suffering. It's pretty gnarly.

"Cherish formed out of a mutual disgust for the current state of hardcore, a reaction against the stagnation and over saturation of mediocre white bro bands," vocalist Naif told me in an email after Robert from the label connected us.

"We are influenced by the Armageddon event we are currently living through. It’s a photograph of a timebomb, a reaction to a world on fire," Naif also said about Cherish's mission at hand.

What kinds of themes did Naif and company write about on Your Suffering? How's this for being direct: "Freedom from the shackles of the cisgender heterosexual patriarchal white supremacy we live and struggle under."

Naif wanted to shout out the following hardcore bands from the same region as Cherish: J.O.Y, Bust, Masochist, Burn in Hell.

And as far as parting words, this is what the singer left me with: "The world is ending and no one is doing anything. Land Back. Pass the mic. No more bros. FREAKS TO THE FRONT xxx"


Your Suffering is available on cassette and digital via Life.Lair.Regret Records.

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