Blind Tiger: Florida Outfit Brings Chaotic Metallic Hardcore on New EP (PREMIERE)

Blind Tiger is a Florida quintet bringing forth a chaotic take on metallic hardcore. The musicians in the fold incorporate elements of mathcore and progressive metal into their songwriting, keeping listeners on their toes with sudden rhythmic shifts and left-of-center arrangements and instrumental choices.

With two previous released already in their discography in Waterfall of the Desert (2014) and Lock the Gate (2017), Blind Tiger will be released a self-titled EP tomorrow (November 5th).

Thematically, each song is named after a town and the lyrics are relevant to that location in some way. Reflected in the album art which features a "constellation," and each dot represents where every town from the track list would be on a map.

Not ones to be patient, No Echo got the early jump on the Blind Tiger EP for our readers a day before its official release:

“In this EP release you will find recurring themes of self improvement," Blind Tiger vocalist Nick Lundy told No Echo via email. "From the start of the recording process there has been that vision. A mutual agreement that has been driving us forward to this point. It sounds cliche, I know, but it's not - It’s real - Positivity and a common love for making Tiger riffs kept us on track. 

"This EP was born from a 'fuck it' moment. When we stepped out of our own way that’s when we could see the music with clarity. We dropped what we were doing, put our heads together and made our best release to date. Looking forward we plan to continue on our prolific journey. It’s crazy to look back to where we originated and to dream of where we’ll go but as for right now, we will enjoy this because this moment may take us farther than we ever thought possible.” 

The Blind Tiger EP is available on CD directly from the band, and will hit streaming outlets tomorrow (November 5th).

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