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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: You Will Burn

Photo: CJ Moore

Band: You Will Burn
From: Florence, Alabama

Their formation story:
(Connor McMeans, guitar): "In 2022, our vocalist Steven started to attend hardcore shows in the Birmingham, Alabama area. Inspired, he decided to start making demos of his own. By early 2023, he had gathered a drummer and guitarist. In March of that year I moved back to Florence, Alabama from Denver, Colorado and was asked to audition as another guitar player because we had gone to school together and known each other for years.

"Shortly after, we found a bass player and played our first show in June of that year. By August, we had finished recording our first EP and released it on October 13th. Finally, after some lineup changes and some growing pains we made it into 2024 and finished recording our second EP by the end of February. We just released that EP on June 21st titled Transfer of Pain on all digital music platforms."

Their sound in their own words:
"Crossover of several elements of different genres. I am heavily influenced by death metal bands such as Dying Fetus and Death, as well as hardcore bands like Vamachara and Disembodied. Steven introduced me to hardcore with two of his favorite bands Left Behind and Code Orange.

"Our drummer Aaron is a classically trained jazz band alum that brings a different set of skills to the table that adds spice to our music that Steven and I did not have. Some of his favorite bands are Expire and Kublai Khan. Aaron and I also love groove metal like Crowbar and Pantera. We cover a lot of ground so fans of most of the genres mentioned will find elements they enjoy."

Latest release info:
"Born out of desire to follow up our first EP, we weren’t quite satisfied with the sound we ended up having. We wanted it to be heavier and cut deeper than the tracks of our first release. Thematically, it is about a man’s life crushing him and his inability to cope or find the support he needs which inevitably leads to him ending his life.

"Musically it has a lot more elements of death metal ('Transfer of Pain,' '3x') as well as beatdown hardcore ('Burn Bitch,' 'Dissociate'). We got back into writing mode the same month the first EP released and had finished up the songs for it by December. Wanting a quick turnaround, we made plans in January to get back in the studio by the end of February with the ideal release being Summer of this year.

"We also opted to work with some of the best engineers in the game that we could manage in order to boost our sound to that next level we were after.

Future plans:
"For July, we are taking a brief hiatus to gather ourselves and prepare for the second half of the year. The two EPs and sporadic shows have taken a massive toll on us financially and we want to have a stronger foundation as a unit moving forward so that we can more comfortably eat the costs that come with having a band.

"As for the near future, we are looking at trying to begin touring more often and getting some sick merch commissioned to take with us."

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"There are so many to name but here are the ones off the top of my head: Twisted Luck, Cold Hard Steel, Brainburn, Gutter, Railsplitter, Faulen, Delta Hate, Bluhd, Bridewell, Commodity, Wielded Steel."

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