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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Up to You

Band: Up to You
From: Warsaw, Poland

Their formation story:
(Roy, vocals): "Our story start six years ago when I and Tomek start to work together on the new project found as a garage punk. It wasn’t enough for us, so we decided to find another way of expression. It was the moment when we realized that hardcore is much more than a music.

Hardcore is a lifestyle. We played in some other bands, recorded some stuff, music was always a part of our life. We finally started Up to You in December 2023. Four people with passion and love to hardcore music."

Their sound in their own words:
"A mix of classic and melodic hardcore punk. Raw, full of emotion and passion. Our first EP is mostly hardcore punk vibes, but after some rehearsals and getting know each other better, we've created some more melodic and even emo parts in our songs.

"Our influences comes from many different genres: punk, emo, melodic hardcore."

Latest release info:
"Our promo EP is the introduction to our vision of hardcore music. We have many ideas and we really like to create new songs. Mike and Krog always come to rehearsal with new riffs."

Future plans:
"We wish to bring some fresh air on Poland hardcore stage by mixing all of the bands that we're listening to. Our goal is to play shows, record music and share our vision for present and future generations.  We have some new songs, that are not on our EP and we're thinking about recording them soon."

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"Easy, Care, Protein, Nim Nadejdzie Jesien, Heatseeker."

Up to You on social media: Instagram

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