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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Price of Life

Photo courtesy of the band

Band: Price of Life
From: New Mexico and Arizona

Their formation story:
(Matthew, vocals): "David (guitar), Joe (drums) and I have been playing music together for 10+ years in various bands throughout the years so the chemistry and friendship had always maintained during all this time.

"Timing was everything. It was just the right moment for us three to come together and make something happen again and make something fresh. More or less was a pandemic project that actually started doing things actively after the storm of 2020 passed."

Their sound in their own words:
"It’s like that Anthrax/Public Enemy collab track but the whole time. Lots of hip-hop influences on the vocals side. A ton of rhythm-driven music like punk, thrash, and hardcore as far as the roots of the instrumental side of PoL. Anthrax meets P.O.D. meets Rick Ross."

Latest release info:
"Wins & Losses means there’s always trials and tribulations through life but everything is inevitably our choice. We get dealt everything handed to us for a reason due to our thoughts and actions throughout the process. Can’t be a victim of your circumstances if you consciously created it."

Future plans:
"Tour as much as we can in and out of our region and keep writing music. Drop a few more singles as well as as an EP before 2024 ends."

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"Listen to Exist to Infect, Mishap, Only Fables, Plunge, Itami, Cruel Act, Centennial, Dissatisfied, Reason to Suffer, and Barbarian."

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