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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Ousted

Photo: Evan Reilly

Band: Ousted
From: Baltimore, Maryland

Their formation story:
(Sean Reilly, vocals): "In 2022, Mitch (guitar) had sent me some songs that he wrote, in hopes of me knowing someone that would do vocals for them. I ended up taking a crack at demoing a few of them in my basement and we moved forward from there.

"Once we started perusing it, we recruited a few other members from one of Mitch’s other band, Neolithic, to round out the lineup. Enter Frank on bass and Jon-John on drums."

Their sound in their own words:
"With Mitch’s history of being in Ruiner and Pulling Teeth, we do have some similar bits and pieces of those bands. I like to think we harness a similar intensity and aggression, with a more melodic take."

Latest release info:
"We recorded our demo in the latter half of 2023 with our good friend Justin Day, at his home recording studio (New Noise). The music was finished a few months prior to me recording vocals in between my touring schedule last year."

Future plans:
"We play our first show on July 30th in Baltimore at Holy Frijoles with Spaced, Autoignition, and Baltimore locals, Tripper. We plan on recording our next release late summer/early fall this year, local and regional shows to follow." 

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"Meth Rats, Silk Leash, Erode, Civilian, Sinister Feeling."

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