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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Kill Uncle

Photo: MArk Miller

Band: Kill Uncle
From: Buffalo, New York

Their formation story:
(Billie Page, vocals): "I posted some kind of random thought about wanting to start a new band. Donnie Arthur from Spaced/Final Declaration immediately sent me a message that I should. I happened to see him the next two days at Buried Alive shows because each of his bands were playing one them. Both nights he kept insisting I should start something and that gave me the motivation to put out a serious inquiry.

"When Sean and Khari responded they were two people I knew I wanted to do something with. I’ve known both of them from shows for awhile and I always like the bands they’ve been in. Dan is an old friend that I had no idea played drums.

"We were having dinner one night and talk in about bands like Nerve Agents and Samhain when him playing drums came up. I was just why did you never tell me that. You should play in this band I’m trying to get together. Fortunately everyone clicked and we are having a lot of fun."

Their sound in their own words:
"Nerve Agents were definitely something we wanted to shoot for but kind of missed the mark. Everyone would probably have a different opinion on this but overall I think we have kind of an old D.R.I. feel. Some of the newer stuff we are working on definitely has a Black Flag influence."

Latest release info:
"We just recorded a 4-song demo at Bankrupt Studios with Eric Hughes. I’ve never worked with him before but I really like all of his bands and I’m pretty sure he has recorded them all. It has a more rough around the edges quality but still sounds good which is something I really like in punk and hardcore recordings.

"As far as song topics go well this is the first thing I’ve done since I’ve come out at Trans so all the songs are about that."

Future plans:
"Shortly after posting the demo, we were contacted by Irish Voodoo Records. They are going to do a physical release on cassette and a limited lathe cut. We are really excited to work with them because they do a great job on all of their releases.

"We are also trying to get out and play as many shows as we can wherever we can."

What other bands from the region should we check out?
"Buffalo is full of so many good bands. Spaced are my favorite but most people are probably hearing about them.

"Some of the really cool newer bands are Still Pretty, World on Fire, and Jeweltone. I’m also really into a couple of newer indie bands/artists here like Last Night Songs, Adelaide, Personal Style, and Survey Channel."


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