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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Hard Pass

Band: Hard Pass
From: Malmö, Sweden

Their formation story:
(CJ, drums): "Hard Pass came together from glued up pieces from old bands really and a restless mutual friend Mona who wanted to play hardcore. She and guitarist Magnus had a band called Vile Act that was no longer, so Mona brought me in on drums, and Magnus asked his brother Mathias if he wanted to play bass, and a new band was alive called Sleet.

"Although things moved slowly for different reasons, we just played one show and put out a demo and Mona called it quits. The rest of us three kept rehearsing from time to time and after covid we got Ronnie on vocals and suddenly we were heading towards a more classic Scandinavian sound. Straight up hardcore, no fuzz on the side. We have maybe 10-15 rehearsals under our belts."

Their sound in their own words:
(Ronnie, vocals): "Hardcore punk! Fast and angry with a lot of Swedish influences."

Latest release info:
(Ronnie): "This is our first release, a 5-song demo. The cassette version is coming in the near future. It was recorded in our rehearsal room in like 5 hours. Our friend Matte mixed and mastered it and he did a splendid job."

Future plans:
(Ronnie): "To play live, write more songs, and just have fun!"

What other bands from their region should we check out?
(Ronnie): "Off the top of my head: Manic Ride, Hårda Tider, Kasshuve, Larma, Järnbörd, The Arson Project, Big Babe, Ursut, Night Fever, Indre Krig. All from the Malmö/Copenhagen area."


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