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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Everything Ends

Photo: Grain Is Power

Band: Everything Ends
From: Limburg, Belgium

Their formtion story:
(Marlo, bass): "Everything Ends is a hardcore 5-piece band from Limburg, Belgium, formed in 2019. Kalle (rhythm guitar) and Yarne (lead vocal) started the band.

"After a difficult period due to COVID, the band had come to a standstill, but the new replacements in the band Ulrich (drum) and Jordy (lead guitar) brought back motivation and our first EP, Art of Suffering, was born."

Their sound in their own words:
"Our sound goes from hardcore to metal and everything in between, basically. Due to many influences from metal but also hardcore, we are now trying to mix these together. I didn't listen to hardcore until I met Yarne and Kalle. what we have often heard is that we sound just like Sworn Enemy.

"A few bands that inspired us include Suburban Scum, King Nine, Metallica (not Lars Ulrich), Power Trip, Trapped Under Ice,… and the list goes on."

Latest release info:
"Since our first EP, Art of Suffering, we have grown as a band and this can also be heard in the new EP, Nothing Is Forever, which consists of 4 new tracks."

Future plans:
"On the 14th of April, we are doing our EP release show thats something to look forward to and getting our music out there that’s the main goal but also we love to play shows so maybe we’ll be planning a tour in the future. We will see what the future brings!"

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"You should definitely check out Mindwar, they are killing it right now. Becoming A.D. recently released a sick EP. Weak Link are brutal. Sicko, Headshrinker, Lintworm, and Life Turns Cold are some of the other bands you should check out."

Nothing Is Forever is out now via Death Farm Records (CD, cassette) and Re-Ignition Records (vinyl).

Everything Ends on social media: Instagram

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