Oscar Bait: Chicago Group Balances Melody + Brute Force on “Denim Days” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Andrew Sonnenberg

Oscar Bait exists in that space where hardcore and emo meet, balancing melody and brute force to create what they call “Disney Hardcore." There is a loose adherence to verse-chorus structures, sticking in melodies wherever they see fit. In simpler terms, I imagine this is what One Step Closer would sound like if they were inspired by Iron Chic instead of Turning Point. 

The arrival at this sound has been incremental but their incoming EP, Everything Louder Than Everything Else, is a leap forward, introducing more nuanced songwriting and adds some math parts that I don’t hear in most hardcore acts. It has the heft of an album while only taking ten minutes of your time.

I’m delighted to be able to premiere “Denim Days” today, the third song on the EP, and is a perfect entryway for new listeners:

There is no foreplay here, opting to get right to the point in a brisk 77 seconds of melodic hardcore. By the end, you will be salivating for more, replaying the track several times to whet your appetite. Take a listen below and hear it yourself. 

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