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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: EJE

Photo: Eider Iturriaga

Band: EJE
From: Berriz, Basque Country

Their formation story:
(Aritz, bass): "EJE is a Berriz-based band formed by four friends; Unai (vocals), Eneko (guitar), Ezkerra (drums), and myself. We played in other bands (Haatik, Stronger Together, Ikarass, etc.), and we have known each other for years.

"At the beginning of 2023, we were quite idle and searching for some fun so we started EJE. We just want to have fun and do fun hardcore. Unexpectedly in a year and a half we published two EPs and we played a dozen of shows."
Their sound in their own words:
"We think EJE is a mix between old-school hardcore, '90s stuff, Basque roots, and black metal with side-to-side parts. [Laughs] Darkthrone meets Nirvana meets Gorilla Biscuits meets Bad Religion meets BAP!"

Latest release info:
"II is our second EP. We try to mix our influences in the most natural way possible. It's composed of five songs, 8 minutes of pure hell. We worked like madmen during its composition and we think it sounds more natural and compact as a band. We spent the last year playing together, and this record shows that. Lyrics are sung in Basque, our native tongue.

"As we did with the debut EP, 1, we recorded this bunch of songs with Unai 'The Druid' Minguez, who handled the recording and the mixing/mastering. Our friend Oier Flores did the art as well."

Future plans:
"We are playing some shows during spring, including in Barcelona in May. We tour as much as our family duties and jobs let us. We are booking shows for Autumn, too.
We just started writing some new stuff as well." 

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"Shout out to the Basque hardcore scene: Vibora, Tooth, Zikin, Kolpeka, Revertt, Ternura, Issuna, Mate. And a special shout out to bands like Worth It, Armarri, Ezta Ilen, members of the NWOBHCK."

EJE on social media: Instagram

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