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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Chain Snatcher

Photo: Alex Sarmiento

Band: Chain Snatcher
From: Little Rock, Arkansas

Their formation story:
(Matt, bass): "We are all in other bands and wanted to start a project that had a sound that no one else in the area is doing right now."

Their sound in their own words:
"Fast, heavy, in your face, and inspired by Weekend Nachos, Nails, and World I Hate."

Latest release info:
"Our newest release is our spring demo. Just something to show people while we get our EP wrapped up."

Future plans:
"For this year, we got a few shows in the works including a short run up north with Second Life. Other than that, we are working on getting more music out there."

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"I’ll start by plugging our other bands: Moonmane, BLAST, Dryer Fire, Second Life and xTHREATx. If you know anything about Arkansas heavy music, you already know Terminal Nation and Morbid Visionz are leading the charge.

"Other bands to check out: Death Rattle, Open Kasket,.Mazenko, My Hands to War, Ultra, Lap, Zashed, Peach Blush, Stressor, Colour Design. There’s so many more but the list would be longer than all the other questions combined."

Chain Snatcher on social media: Instagram

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