Children’s Letters to God: Texas-Based Duo Perfect Controlled Chaos on New EP (PREMIERE)

Photo: Tom Rabon and Scott Osment

Children’s Letters to God is the brainchild of musicians Tom Rabon (Exhalants) and Scott Osment (Deaf Club). It's not an easy musical project to describe, but we'll give it the old college try.

To the ears of an astute listener, Children's Letters to God create a racket—albeit an impressively cohesive one—that finds the duo using components of hardcore, ('90s) screamo, math rock, grind, and post-punk to get their point across. Even during the quieter moments, the parts are always delivered with pure intensity.

Though it won't be released til tomorrow (February 19), No Echo got an early stream of Children's Letters to God's new EP, Pulling the Knife Out of My Back, so you can hear what we're talking about yourself:

"I wrote these songs because I was going through a pretty hard time in my life, dealing with the world that we currently live in, and couldn’t make sense of a lot of things to this point," Tom Rabon told No Echo via email. "Scott kinda appeared back in Texas at a totally convenient time in trying to finish or put a wig on this project and it seemed he was also going through an incredibly rough time as well.

"Being that Scott’s been one of my favorite drummers, I had mentioned some songs I had been working on and from there we just expanded upon relating personal miseries and decided that we were gonna flesh these out together."

Tom also offered some background on the EP recording sessions: "Our good friend Bill helped out so massively in facilitating a time in a two-day spread where we could record these songs. He also, the monster he is, filled in on bass.

"What these songs try to convey is a general disdain and is as close to an honest expression of what questions you ask yourself when the time in which you are living and sense of self has gone to shit or is gone completely.

"When it feels like nowhere is really your home, and when almost like a child’s letter to god, you will never get to your intended destination."

Featuring cover art by Becky DiGiglioPulling the Knife Out of My Back will be out Feburary 19th via The Ghost Is Clear Records.

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