Misþyrming, Algleymi (Norma Evangelium Diaboli, 2019)

Since releasing their debut record, Söngvar elds og óreiðu (Songs of Fire and Chaos), Misþyrming have certainly made an impact on the international black metal scene.

As they continue on in their sixth year as a band, their latest record through Norma Evangelium Diaboli is entitled Algleymi (Rapture). As a long time fan of black metal, I know that there are those who feel the genre is somewhat stale or repetitive; while I'll admit some bands shouldn't have left the garage, that's no reason to talk down a genre.

When I listen to Algleymi, not only do I think some of these same critics will be silenced but they will be forced to eat their words.

Within the first three of the eight songs on the record, I've heard new interpretations of both how grandiose and how raw black metal can sound. I've also heard references to aspects of overall metal as a genre and rock music that most any music fan can appreciate.

What makes Misþyrming's music particularly attractive as well as startling is how they blend more commonly considered “rock” influence into their style of black metal and not only that but make it fit naturally alongside the songs that have more dynamic/harsh sounds found in black metal. 

Photo: Verði Ljós

Whether you consider yourself a fan of Emperor, Bölzer, or Sinmara to name only a select few bands; I'd be shocked if you weren't already aware this record was being released or hadn't preordered a copy. I certainly hope that Misþyrming will eventually tour North America because if this music is even half as overwhelming on record as it is live, I need to see this band and I believe many others do as well. 

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