WISH: Malice at the Palace, Diamondback Members Fire Off Hardcore Thrash on “Expose”

"I got super inspired recently because I started hearing a lot of hardcore come out that had super riffy guitar work, but stayed true to the hardcore elements and not veering too in the metal world," says WISH guitarist Tyler Denslow told No Echo via email. 

Tyler previously appeared on the site through his work as a member of the Florida-based bands Malice at the Palace and Twisted Dream. WISH is his latest project, releasing a demo, When I Saw Hell, a few months back.

In terms of influences for WISH, Tyler offered up the following: "Bands like Never Ending Game and Mindforce I feel do this style perfectly. As soon as I heard [Never Ending Game album] Just Another Day, I wanted to write something like that. Four songs later, WISH was born."

No Echo is teaming up with Tyler and WISH to present the premiere of the music video for "Expose," a track from their demo:

WISH vocalist Kenny Anderson (also of Diamondback) said the following about "Expose" to No Echo:

"Blending a familiar sound of old school thrash with the unrest of the working class, the song 'Expose' means to highlight the hypocrisy of those who feign to stand with those of us who are marginalized, but in actuality are nothing more than a waste of time and waste of effort." 

When I Saw Hell is available now via K.O.T.P. Records.


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