ROT: Minnesota Band’s “Government Issued Noose” Is a Brute Shot of Metallic Hardcore (PREMIERE)

Photo: Arrold Walton

Twin Cities metallic hardcore quintet ROT last appeared around these parts when No Echo premiered their 2020 debut album, ...As One. Mirroring the brutality of their music, the group's lyrics deal with everything from social injustice to intrapersonal struggles.

Having already played shows with the likes of Defeater, Purgatory, and Zulu, ROT are already getting back into the swing of things on the gig front, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, the band is ready to unleash an absolutely crushing track called "Government Issued Noose" that perfectly illustrates the second sentence in this write-up. Filmed by Arrold Walton & Riley Downs, the song's music video can be seen/heard below:

"For me, one of the most profound lyrics in the song is, 'Blinded by power, enslaving my people hour by hour,' ROT vocalist Arrold Walton tells No Echo. 

"When an individual is placed in a position of power, it’s been proven over and over again that it doesn’t take much for them to begin using said position for their own agenda. This of course plays into our justice system and its’ extreme racial bias towards anyone without white skin. We now have G.I. JOE-wannabe cops running around our city and shooting anything that moves.

"On the lucky chance that you aren't maimed or killed in the streets you are then enslaved to the DOC/DOJ. Once the system has its hooks in you, it ain't letting go."

"Government Issued Noose" arrives on Bandcamp and across all streaming outlets tomorrow (Spotify pre-save link).

War Against Records are issuing a picture disc 7-inch square lathe cut record /50 total. It will have 5 different alt cover inserts available to choose from each /10.

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