Old Iron: Seattle Sludge Trio Pays Tribute to His Hero Is Gone via New Cover (PREMIERE)

Photo: Matt Koroulis

Monuments to Arson – A Tribute to His Hero Is Gone is an upcoming compilation featuring 14 bands paying tribute to the influential '90s crust band.

Some of the acts that appear on the record include Heiress, Blast Cells, Nightmare Fuel, Plaguestate, and deathCAVE. 

One of the standout covers on Monuments to Arson comes courtesy of Seattle trio Old Iron. They chose to take on "Chain of Command," which appeared on His Hero Is Gone's 1997 album, Monuments to Thieves, and their psych-sludge spin on it is pure chef's kiss:

The Old Iron dudes had this to say about their HHIG rendition:

“We felt 'Chain of Command’ was a good choice for the record as it’s as relevant today as it was when it came out in ‘97. Most people have had the experience of working for a company/people that don’t really care about the welfare of those they employ. The question still remains, how long will we swallow?"

Monuments to Arson – A Tribute to His Hero Is Gone will be out digitally on September 30th via Satanik Royalty (pre-order). 

The vinyl edition—limited to 700 copies in Black, Clear with Black Smoke, and Black and White variants—will be released March 25th, 2023. Find pre-orders at the Satanik Royalty Records online shop.


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