Formula: New Texas Band Channels ‘90s Melodic Hardcore Vibes on Debut Release

Formula is a new Texas-based hardcore band comprised of and guitarists vocalist Zane Daniel, drummer Ricky Gray, bassist Joe Kelly, and the guitar team of Ty Yarborough (Contact Grid, Holy Order) and Jesse Bermudez (Fists of Fury).

"We originally set out to be a Judge worship band, but as the writing process evolved, we started to incorporate melodic aspects pulled heavily from Turning Point and Shield, and even some influence from the post-harDCore era of the '90s," Zane told No Echo via email earlier this week.

"Texas hardcore has always been known for its crossover and metal influenced hardcore, which we all love, but we wanted to set out to do something that hasn’t really been touched in this area. Just a straight forward hardcore band, with melodic aspects."

Posted above, Formula's debut tracks arrived on Bandcamp just a few weeks ago. "This 3-song demo was practically a brainchild of Ty. He brought so much to the table in terms of creativity and writing.

"Once all of the instrumentals were written, I went to work on lyrics, mainly discussing a general theme of uncertainty in growing up, feeling lost in the world, and trying to find hope for yourself in such a bleak period of our world’s timeline."

If you're in the Forth Worth area, Kinky Records will be selling the cassette version of the Formula demo at the Central Arts Merch Swap on December 12th:

Before ending our email exchange, Zane wanted to make sure we included the following tribute to two muscians that recently passed who both had a tremendous impact on their local music scene:

"I’d like to end this with a moment of remorse in the recent passing of Riley Gale (Power Trip) and Wade Allison (Iron Age). Without their influence, Texas hardcore would be a fraction of what it is. Whether you were directly influenced by their music, or not, it all ties back to them, and everything they brought here to Texas."

The singer continued: "I would also like to thank Central Arts for giving bands a place to play before quarantine, and stepping up to fight hunger with a food drive in the area during the quarantine in the impoverished area they’re set up at. Seeing my friends from our scene run that place, and bands coming in to help now and then is what it’s all about."


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