Banzai: Ex-Members of Get a Grip, Tetsuo Start Hardcore Band + Drop Debut Tracks (PREMIERE)

Photo: Jim Lockridge

One of the latest additions to Vermont's small but growing hardcore scene was birthed in the fall of 2020, pandemic be damned. Featuring former members of Get a Grip and Tetsuo, Banzai will appeal to a large swath of the No Echo readership.

While the more melodic side of their sound has been compared to Ruiner and Modern Life Is War, while the heavier leanings of what Banzai is doing brings to mind '90s hardcore of the metallic kind.

To help introduce Banzai to the world, No Echo has partnered with the group to present their 5-song demo, Swan Song Lullabies, today:

"The song 'Alive and Well' (with remorse and purpose) is about how destructive codependency and avoidance have become American ideals and lifestyles," Banzai vocalist David Newton said of the demo's opening cut.

"The line 'A vice, a virtue there’s no difference / America’s pastimes pushed to the limits' is about the avoidance I see around me constantly. People aren't comfortable in their own skin and skulls—they need a drink, a smoke, drama, gossip, politics, whatever just to avoid facing their own crushing reality. It deeply bums me out.

"The gang vocals say it all in this one: 'Choose a pain with love, choose a pain with purpose.'"

The Swan Song Lullabies demo will be available on cassette this summer via Get Stoked! Records


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