Annulment Deliver '90s-Inspired Chaotic HC with "Unbowed Before the Devouring Sun" (PREMIERE)

Photo: Harrison Chiu

If you tell me your band is influenced by Integrity, Catharsis, and 108, I'm going to pay attention, and that's exactly why I gave Annulment a listen after their vocalist, Anthony John Czerwinski, sent me an email earlier this month. I'm really pleased that he did because the Long Island group definitely delivers and craft songs that are indeed in the same spirit as their sonic inspirations.

Formed in the summer of 2013, Annulment is gearing up for the release of The Nihil of Vibrant Soul, a new 6-song EP of chaotic metallic hardcore that I know many No Echo readers will lap up. I asked Anthony if I could have the honor of premiering a track from the EP and he was game, so, I present to you "Unbowed Before the Devouring Sun":

"'Unbowed Before the Devouring Sun' is quite plainly, redirecting every feeling of helplessness and powerlessness into an overblown, excessive, violent retaliation to whatever degree deemed necessary," says Anthony. "This can be through self-empowerment, abandoning addiction and attachment, or confronting an oppressive force that disables you directly. It was written by reappropriating totalitarian language and turning it inward towards those same absolutist powers that either exist on a material, spiritual, or illusory level. It's a song of clarity and a prelude to an acceptance of death through triumph, or some degree of ending. However, there's a reason it's not the last song on our record."

The Nihil of Vibrant Soul will be out in mid-November via Outer Heaven Productions and can be pre-ordered here. Head to Annulment's Bandcamp page to sample more tunes from their previous releases.

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