Thought Leaders: Bay Area Post-Punk Band Provides Darkened Hooks on Debut Album (PREMIERE)

Citing such influences as Killing Joke, Gang of Four, and Bauhaus, Thought Leaders is a Bay Area-based quartet formed in 2019 comprised of veterans from the underground music scene.

Though some instruments have been switched up in the endeavor, Thought Leaders features bassist Tyler Cox (The Mass, Wrack), guitarist Andrew Lund (Lower Forty-Eight, The Mass), drummer Kirk Snedeker (Winchester Revival, The Locals), and singer Ville V (Dora Flood, The Bias / Antenna).

The music these 4 gentlemen create together is driving, atmospheric, and often very catchy, just like the specialty dark wave show I used to listen to as a kid on WLIR in New York. Think (early) Echo & the Bunnymen, The Chameleons, and Red Lorry Yellow Lorry for some reference points.

While their 4-song Wires Crossed EP arrived a couple of years back, Thought Leaders spent the lockdown working on what would become their forthcoming debut album, In Wastelands. Take an early listen to the record in this No Echo exclusive stream below.

It's a great reminder that not all music labeled as "post-punk" has to be devoid of big-screen melodic hooks:

In Wastelands will be available for download on July 9th via King of Sticks label. Hit the pre-order link right here.


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