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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Suffering Spirit

Photo: Kyle Kleemichen

Band: Suffering Spirit
From: Tampa Bay, Florida

Their formation story:
(James, vocals): "We formed a little over a year ago, with Noel and I being the first two members. After multiple member changes, we finally found a sound we all enjoyed, and took off running with it. We’ve been playing shows in the Tampa Bay Area since early October of last year!"

Their sound in their own words:
(Noel, drums): "I would consider us a hardcore band at our core, based on the community we are apart of and our DIY ethos. Stylistically we all just want to play the most aggressive music we can, that evokes strong emotion from our audience.

"The four of us listen and draw inspiration from a plethora of different bands and genres inside and out of hardcore. Some of our influences are Chat Pile, Harm's Way, Incendiary, Oathbreaker, and Sleep Talk."

Latest release info:
(Ryan, bass): "This release is our introduction. We wanted people to hear the direction of the music so they can follow the journey. We have all poured a lot of emotion and effort into this project and we wanted to give people the chance to get a glimpse of what we have been writing and where we are progressing as a band.

"We hope everyone loves it as much as we do. Thanks to Marco for putting his whole self into recording and producing this demo."

Future plans:
(Corey, guitar): "We just released our first demo, but we still have a lot of material and things in the works that we’re holding for a more focused, full-length EP. The main goal right now is to get the demo heard by as many people as we can and play as many shows as we get the opportunity to.

"We have local shows booked for June-September, so if you live local come out and show some love! Pretty soon we’ll be back in the studio to hammer out the EP and we’ll continue to make a ton of noise and chaos."

What other bands from your region should we check out?
"Cold Steel, Migrant Fury, Drawn Out, JAR, Smash ‘Em Up, and Plague Spitter!"

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