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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Negative Selection

Band: Negative Selection
From: Saint Petersburg, Russia

Their formation story:
(Eugene, vocals/guitars): "So, the first self-titled EP was recorded by two of us, me and drummer Anton in summer of 2021. The following months, we were busy searching for a bass player, until we started rehearsing with our old friend Ksenia. Unfortunately, in February 2022, an event occurred that divided our lives into before and after.

?After the start of the war in Ukraine, we were all in a state of total shock and we took a break for a while, and only at the end of April 2022 the first show was played at a local punk event. Also in the summer of 2022, the second release was recorded.

"After some time, Ksenia left the country and we had to find a new bassist. For a short time, our good friend Ilya played with us. And in the end, we were joined by the excellent bass player Alexander."

Their sound in their own words:
"Initially, the idea was to play straightforward, punk-driven hardcore. On the second and third records, the sound became heavier with the addition of metallic elements. If you like pissed off lyrics, memorable riffs, fast drum beats, then hopefully you’ll like one of our songs."

Latest release info:
"Our newest release is a three-song EP titled No One Is Safe. First song 'Kills' is about the terrifying and destructive power of war propaganda. The second song, 'No One Is Safe,' is about how even the most protected tyrant will sooner or later find his bullet. 

"Here are the first lines from the third track, 'No Past': 'Ain't no time to fuck around/No time for bitter tears/Take it as it comes/Wash away your fears.' Not the most intellectual lyrics, simple as fuck [laughs]."

Future plans:
"Look to play more shows, hopefully some out of our country. I hope we will have such an opportunity, after some time. We have been writing a bunch of new songs over the past months and we are excited to share them with everyone soon. As for now, we hope for the best, prepare for the worst."

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"That's a good question! A lot has changed in the last 2 years, many have left for other countries, many bands have broken up, but there are still a lot of great bands here. 

"I’d say check out Footstep (pretty unique-sounding hardcore), Distress (long running crust d-beat band), Internal Damage (grindcore)... I can list endlessly."

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