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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Levity

Band: Levity
From: Michigan

Their formation story:
(Brian): "In 2020, we (Dylan, Hunter, Brian) found ourselves with ample time and an overflow of creativity. So we decided to start a new project. We'd been in different bands together in the past so we all knew each others vibe so things clicked right away. We started to carve out a sound and continued to write through 2021.

"We wrote a five-song demo and played a handful of shows that year. In 2022 we wanted to expand on our sound so we began talks with our friend Zach about joining the band. After a handful of practices, it was cemented that Zach was going to play a critical role in the sound and creative influence of Levity. Since then, the four of us have been writing evermore expansive and creative music as well as playing great shows with awesome bands."

Their sound in their own words:
(Dylan) "All our favorite bands and artists defy tidy genre designations. So in an effort to honor that tradition, we try to keep our Influences diverse, I think every member of Levity does that and i think that's why we gel together.

"I personally draw Influence from the '90s power violence scene, bands like Crossed Out, Lack of Interest or Man Is the Bastard. We also try and Incorporate old-school hardcore and d-beat like siege, SSD, Anti Cimex, and Extreme Noise Terror. Then you have Zach pulling bass lines from things like Sabbath or NOFX, and Brian or Hunter absorbing influence from experimental jazz to Pink Floyd.

"One of my personal favorite bands to do this in the context of extreme music would be G-Anx from Sweden. At there heart they were contemporaries with the likes of Heresy and Napalm Death but include melody and atmosphere into there song writing. It was really a head of its time and I try to emulate that in my own song writing." 

Latest release info:
(Hunter): "We intentionally chopped up our catalog of songs and sprinkled them across a few splits/small releases in the last couple years so we could share what we've created in tandom with the dope shit our friends have been putting out.

"Our side of the last release is a straight up sizzlin' mix of some like mid-tempo, dark/psychadelic, and crusty type joints tossed in with some spurts of fast-as-fuck punk. And to top it all off, we also threw in some cavernouse bits of noise to fill the void between songs. It's out right now through Anthems of the Undesirable so go cop that joint and tell us what you think"

Future plans:
(Brian): "As far as the future of Levity, we've been working on a new batch of songs that we’re all very excited about. We’re pushing ourselves creatively now more than we ever have. We've got a great run of shows happening through out summer 2024. Playing with new bands, and in plenty of new places. We can't wait!"

What other bands from theirregion should we check out?
(Hunter): "West Michigan/Grand Rapids/Muskegon is  absolutely poppin' right now. If you're looking to check out some bands around here I'm gonna put you on real quick:

"User, Ammonia, Felon Class, MDOP, Attrition Cult, Tunnel of Love, MAZE, Mean Mug, Sissy Boys, Split Up, Norfair, Snakeout, Renret, Trench Knife, Apaixonar. Are all from the immediate area that we really fuck with. That's just off the top of my head, there's so many more.

"Also, I wanna make sure to shout-out the homies in Human Sacrifice (Chicago) and Sawchuk (Detroit). Those dudes have really put it down for us and we are forever grateful."

The Levity/Echo Chamber split EP is available on cassette via Anthems of the Undesirable.

Levity on social media: Instagram

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