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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Day of Demise

Photo: Alex Barley

Band: Day of Demise
From: Perth, Australia

Their formation story:
(Declan, Vocals): "James(guitar) and I had been trying to start this band for about 2 years and really it just finally workout with timing. Originally, it was just James, Travis (bass) and I was writing drums for it but then Max’s (drums) old band broke up and so we got him in and Alec (guitar) is just a riff genius and was keen to play guitar in a hardcore band again"
Their sound in their own words:

"Hard shit for hard people. Inspired by a lot of 2000s to 2010 Australian hardcore like Warbrain, Survival, and Outsiders Code but also big influencers of Bitter End."

Latest release info:
"This demo is our first release, we just wanted to get something out before we played any shows."

Future plans:
"We have some more stuff written already which we’re planning to be our EP but just want to play more shows be apart of our scene."

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"Go check out Engage, The Chain, Concrete Bomb, No Brainer, Gaoled, No Future, and Hysteria."

Day of Demise on social media: Instagram

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