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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Clench Jaw

Band: Clench Jaw
From: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Their formation story:
(Tony Tournier, drums): "So all of us, with the exception of our live bass player, are also in the D-beat band Krash and the more straight-forward hardcore band, Repair. I play bass/lead vocals in Repair and vocals/guitar in Krash. Shane Anderson plays drums in both Krash and Repair, and Mike Guillet plays guitar in Repair and bass in Krash. Very confusing, I know.

"I wanted to finally try my hand at playing drums in a band and Shane has had some lyrics written for a while and has always been a gnarly vocalist."

Their sound in their own words:
"With this band we wanted more of a snarky/sarcastic vibe but still very in your face and angry. Our influences for this particular project would be The F.U.'s, Jerry's Kids, the Adolescents, Zero Boys, the Offenders. Old '80s hardcore punk mostly. I know Shane is a big fan of the Mentally Ill's Gacy's Place 7", too."

Latest release info:
"We were originally going to go into the studio to record a follow up release for Repair but we were in a new studio with a new engineer. We decided to write a new project just to get a feel for the new space and working with a different engineer.

"We wrote the songs in a very short amount of time. The song 'Staple You Shut' was actually written a few days before we went in the studio. It worked out much better than we expected and that same engineer is now our bassist!"

Future plans:
"We've got a couple local shows coming up in the next couple months. No other plans yet. Would love to play more shows though! So hit us up and let's make something happen!"

What other bands from the region should we check out?
"Here in Saskatchewan, the hardcore/punk scene has been really thriving. It's great to see and feels very special to be a part of.
SKHC forever!

"From Saskatoon, I would recommend Exsang, Riversleem, Reject, and Miserable Tradition, and from Regina (about 2 and a half hours south of Saskatoon, and still local in our opinion) I would definitely check out Fistfight, Phrozen, and Stepping Stone."