Working Men’s Club: UK Band Terrorizes w/ Chaotic Hardcore on ‘Premium Champion’ EP

Photo: James Clare

Working Men's Club is a UK-based trio with a chaotic sound that merges elements of crust, hardcore, grind, and all sorts of other fucked up music that wouldn't have sounded out of place on a Prank compilation, circa 1996. "Our main focus of writing is throwing all our ideas together, and then making them sound obnoxious," says the band. 

Since forming in 2015, Working Men's Club have issued a demo, EP, and a split with London outfit, Containment. The next phase in the group's mission brings us to Premium Champion, a 4-track EP that crystalizes everything about their brute sound perfectly. Listen to Premium Champion and read the story behind each track below:

Track 1: "Fealty's Dreams" is based on the book The Gallows Pole by Benjamin Myers, about the Cragg Vale Coiners. We had to change the name and Kenny decided on "Fealty's Dreams," which bears no reference to the song content. But that's democracy for you, right there!

Track 2: "Immovable Man" is about grounding yourself in a physical body, however pathetic and weak that body may be.

Track 3: "Fast Corpse" is about pre-modern sacrificial burning and burying.

Track 4: "Yeah Anthem (Anthem of Yeah)" is about how inescapable a holy crutch or sense of spiritual fulfillment for a human being is, and how it's futile to think you're above that.
Considering we're all quite relaxed people, Working Men's Club recurring themems are the crushing inevitability of life, the flawed human construct and the burden of the mistakes of our forefathers. Humans have been fucking up the planet for millennia, it's only in the last 100 years we realised how much. And now we're too distracated by bluster and trinkets to want to do anything about it. It's been said that all intelligent life gets to a stage where it ends up destroying itself. I guess we're just coming to terms with our mortality. With some sick riffs. 

Premium Champion will be out via Hominid Sounds on April 18. You can pre-order the limited edition version on cassette here

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