Struck Nerve: Philly sXe Hardcore Unit Returns with New Lineup on “$$$” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Dan White

Struck Nerve made their No Echo debut back in 2018 via their debut self-titled EP, a mosh-ready collection that helped establish them as a band to keep an eye out for. The Philadelphia straight edge group was formed by members of such bands as Agitator, Jesus Piece, and Payback. 

With a sound that hearkens back to '00s hardcore, listening to Struck Nerve's aforementioned EP, and their 2-track promo from last year, brings back the era when the Posi Numbers fest was still going down, and bands like Mental and Desperate Measures were releasing records.

Since the last time we heard from Struck Nerve, guitarist Marty Williams has moved over to the lead vocals slot, while frontman Anthony Marinaro is now handling guitar duties.

Their lineup is rounded out by bassist Jake Abbott, drummer Joe Constantino, and guitarist Pat Voytko.

Struck Nerve is gearing up for the release of their first full-length album, a stomper called Rattle the Cage, and No Echo is honored to present the premiere of "$$$" from the record:

Lyrics to "$$$" below:

I look in your eyes and all I see are dollar signs. 
You went too far and now I’m drawing the line. 
You offer success with no sacrifice. 
Offer up a shortcut, but only at a price. 
DIY has gone by the wayside. 
You sold your soul. You sold your pride. 
Get away from me with your insincerity. 
You may fool them but you ain't foolin me. 


Too many shows for too many bands. 
You’re running our pockets while you’re shaking our hands. 
You think you’re influential, but your attitude sucks. 
Exploiting the scene as a way to make a buck  

Seen above, the cover art for Rattle the Cage was done by Spoiler, a Montreal-based artist who is also responsible for the eye-grabbing LP jacket for Chubby and the Gang's latest record.

Rattle the Cage will be out December 4th via Youngblood Records. Pre-order it on vinyl or digital today.


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