Spread Thin: Wisconsin Hardcore Unit Gets to the Point on “Unjustified” (PREMIERE)

Though no one that has heard Spread Thin, would ever not consider them a hardcore band, that doesn't mean the Wisconsin band is a one-note kind of deal. "Overall, we are a hardcore band, but we want to walk the lines of other extreme music while keeping that powerviolence and hardcore vein," bassist Bryan W. Fleming tells No Echo.

"We're pulling a lot of influence from power violence, grind, sludge, traditional fast hardcore punk, black metal and a lot more. Our influences as a whole include bands like Magrudergrind, Weekend Nachos, Rotting Out, GEL, SPY, and Full of Hell. For my bass, I draw a lot of influence from old-school hardcore and punk like '90s AFI, Sick of It All, and early Killswitch Engage."

Spread Thin is about to release their debut album, a mean-sounding collection fittingly called World of Snakes. "We wanted to record an album that will still stand up years from now," says Bryan. "I engineered the tracking for the album and we put a lot of thought into every step. Each microphone, pedal, the drum heads, the room mic placements, etc. We love what we created before I sent it off for mixing and mastering to Will Hirst (Restraining Order) and he tipped it over the edge."

With World of Snakes arriving later this month, No Echo got the jump on the music video for a track on the album called "Unjustified" for our readers to sample. I applaud them for getting to the effin' point on this one:

Spread Thin are gearing up for a busy rest of the year. "We have a few shows planned for promoting this record including a release show weekend on July 26 in Sparta, Wisconsin and July 27 in Milwaukee. We'd like to continue locking in shows around the Midwest and see what show offers come in.

"Our main goal was to make an album we can be proud of and can keep promoting for a good amount of time until the next album plans from to light. For now, this record release is our main objective and hoping we can share it with as many people as we can."

Before Bryan is off the hook, you know No Echo had to find out who we should check out from Wisconsin. "I tour with my hardcore/doom band RIG TIME! for a good portion of the year. Tristan and I play in a few bands together. One is a Post-shoegaze/indie band called Yellowfin and another is an alternative rock band called Getting Over.

"There are a lot of good bands from our region like Neck Wrung, Hostages, Livid, Come Correct, Karma Bloody Karma, A Long Way Back, Young Pups, Keep (IL) and the list goes on and on. Too many to list but the Midwest is great for music."

World of Snakes will be out on July 26th (pre-order).

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