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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Soul Blame

Band: Soul Blame
From: Belgium

Their formation story:
(Tom, vocals): "It's been a while since Tom (Headshot), Jorge (Bun Dem Out, Ironed Out, Life Betrays Us, Honour Among Thieves) and me, Baptiste (Brewed In Belgium, One Last Breath), we were talking about playing together.

"Less than a year ago, we finally made it happen. We contacted Mimil (Kill for Peace, Forget Your Fears, Zéro Divide, Anger Issues, Insurgent) who was already a good friend and bass beast and answered straight, 'of course.' We then had the luck to find two self-made guitar kings: Hugo (Lowkets, Coroners, Ignorant) and Quinn who never played live before but who do the job better than most! Have a listen to his solo project Dissidence!

"Ieperfest proposed us to open the show of the rre-fest in July '23, so we had to get ready and thanks to Death Farm Records we had to opportunity to spread our demo on tape. Since, we played some good shows with bands like Surge of Fury, Worst Doubt, and Street Soldiers."

Their sound in their own words:
"We say 'groovy hardcore with a '90s touch,' but it's up to everyone else to say. Some people said we have a kinda Cold as Life flavor, some said totally different things like early TRC. Honestly, we don't think about any particular bands when we create. Things just happen. We are 6 hardcore kids with a love for our scene and just want to see people getting crazy on our songs and play with cool bands. 

"Influences? Twitching Tongues, Mindforce, Gridiron, Never Ending Game... for the youngsters. Irate, Congress, Trapped Under Ice, E.Town Concrete, Surge of Fury, Biohazard, Body Count, Crawlspace, Full Court Press.. for the old timers!"

Latest release info:
"We may do another run of our demo tape with a different color. There is a split 7" that is supposed to come out within few months, and an album soon after."

Future plans:
"We're playing with the new blood from France, Broken Ankles, and the godfathers of UKHC, Knuckledust, in Lille, don't miss that show! We also have a show planned with the almighty 50 Caliber and Full Contact. There is few other shows who will be announce soon so keep an eye on our pages. For now, our main focus will be to create new songs and test them on stage."

What other bands from the region should we check out?
"Well, first of all, we all agree that the new band that people have to keep an eye on is Broken Ankles! Those kids from North of France keep getting better at every show. Listen to the OG's Surge of Fury and Whatever It Takes. And of course, nobody can miss Mindwar. If you like the roots of hardcore, go check our boys in Crucified. Sick Nerves, Becoming A.D, and too many other bands to name! 

"We all have or had other bands and side projects that you can find on the main music platforms. Anyway, support your scene. Go to shows, start new bands, keep this shit alive!"


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