Fixed View, Losing Touch (K.O.T.P. Records, 2022)

Few band names are as apt as Jacksonville’s Fixed View. Since dropping Demo 2022, the band have had their sights singularly set on this moment. 

With Tallahassee’s K.O.T.P. Records handling the release of the band’s latest EP, Losing Touch, the North FL team up is a match made in the shade.

The aforementioned “Keeper of the Post” label has quietly assembled an endlessly rad cadre of artists that’s well worth the deep dive. Four tracks of Florida hardcore, y’all. Let’s get to it. 

Opener “Medicinal Poison” doesn’t take long to lay down a formidable formula. Moments in and the glow up is apparent. From the increasingly dexterous and booming drums to the endless grab bag of guitar riffs, this is as big a level up as I’ve heard of late.

Though I raved about the demo, Fixed View sound like they’ve been living in the practice space. The trade off between the broad shouldered intimidation of the lead vocals and an urgent higher register adds a newly minted bow to their quiver. As expected, the breakdown at the midway point is a stunner. 

The title track doubles down on the band’s metallic side, an ever sly nod to Syracuse heavies past and present. Peep those buried dope leads at the start to verify that this band knows their way around the genre. In what’s possibly my favorite moment across the EP, there’s a harrowing, bass led slowdown just shy of the minute mark. It expertly leads from a fleeting two step to another violent breakdown. This is ferocious; friends.

The militant thud of the bass drum alone is likely to knock the wind outta you. This go round, they’ve even added a street-ready, crush groove that closes the song with some modern NYHC vibes. 

“Unrepresented” lives in a more sinister place, built around a slithering riff. The band sounds as devastating as usual, but something here strikes a triumphant chord, literally and figuratively.

As punishing when they go slow as they are when they push the bpm’s, Fixed View have doubtlessly given time to growing songcraft and dynamics.

The cymbal workout at 1:45 is a deft display of allowing the songs space to breathe. The final 15 seconds slash like a machete through the Everglades. 

Photo: Marcus Marino 

“Moving On” is the band’s endgame and is another crusher that again shows off their considerable drum battery. They save the EP’s dopest breakdown for the minute mark, marrying cymbal splashes to stuttering rhythms. The band manages here to capture the epic story building of MLIW and their melodic counterparts as well as the straightforward devastation of hardcore’s heaviest.

As is often the case with closing tracks, this points to an emerging band hopefully set for the long haul. Can’t wait for whatever’s next. Mind the gators, friends. 

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