Since We Were Kids!: California Skatecore Band Shares Track from Forthcoming Second Album

Photo courtesy of Irish Voodoo Records

Bound together by a love for hardcore punk and skateboarding, Since We Were Kids! is a power trio from Southern California that embodies the energy of their influences. Ask them and they'll tell you they came up on a steady diet of Poison Idea, RKL, and Warzone. 

When they aren't jamming on their own music, the dudes in Since We Were Kids! can be found searching for skate spots, draining pools, and ripping up said concrete. So far, the band has released two EPs and an album, 2016's Hard Cement No Regrets.

Today, No Echo is bringing you the music video for "Since We Were Kids"—yep, it's titled after their own moniker—a track from the group's forthcoming sophomore album, Break From Life:

"The track is an homage to bands and namesake theme songs' from throughout the years like Bad Religion, Descendents, Verbal Abuse, etc. This song is a good reference point to understand what skatecore is all about."

Break From Life will be out soon via Irish Voodoo Records.

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