Harm Assist: Philly Hardcore Group Offers Taste of Debut EP via “Hyperventilate” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Quinn Humphreys

Allow us to introduce you to Harm Assist, a hardcore band out of Philadelphia. Featuring musicians who have also put in work as members of Gre/ay, Noera, and Sweet Pill, the group is comprised of Jayce Williams, Zayna Youssef, Phylix Almentero, Davey Jones, and Jarrod McGee.

Harm Assist's forthcoming self-titled debut EP includes five recorded tracks, five live tracks captured at Philly’s Ukie Club, and two remixes from hardcore band They Are Gutting A Body of Water, and electronic artist Trans Zimmer.

Today, No Echo is rolling out the premiere of "Hyperventilate," the first single from the forthcoming EP. The song builds from a tom tom workout into a full-on storm of crashing guitar riffs and moshy rhythms:

"The song is about grinding with no clear end goal or promised success, like a tourniquet tightening around your throat," Harm Assist vocalist Jarrod McGee tells No Echo. 

"When life starts to pile up it can feel like everything is working against you. The track was written before we played any shows, before we had a label backing us, before any sign of knowing if what we were doing was working for us and it can feel very intimidating."

Photo: @maxxed_photo

The Harm Assist EP will be released September 9th on cassette, vinyl, and digital via Cruisin Records (pre-order). Check out the band out on a run of weekend dates with Half/Cross next month:

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