Departed: NJHC Band Joins Forces w/ Stikman (Fury of V) on “Blood for Blood” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Fred Hare

Marrying metallic hardcore with punishing death metal, Departed is a New Jersey-based band that formed in 2015. If that previous description wasn't detailed enough for you, imagine a blend of All Out War, Deeds of Flesh, Sworn Enemy, and Internal Bleeding to get a better picture.

To date, Departed has released an album, Darkness Takes Its Throne (2017), and an EP, No Redemption (2018), and have since signed with Upstate Records (In Cold Blood, Merauder).

The new band/label partnership will birth a 9-track album entitled Darkness Reigns next month, and No Echo is premiering a track from the collection called "Blood for Blood." Joining Departed on the song is none other than James "Stikman" Ismean, the NJHC staple who is best known as the frontman for Fury of V.

"The song is about handling your beef in person instead behind a screen and keyboard," Departed vocalist Joe Stanley told No Echo about "Blood for Blood," also adding:

"Stikman is a monster. We couldn't have picked a harder song to have the King of NJHC on."

Darkness Reigns will arrive in stores on May 29th via Upstate Records.

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