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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Full Choke

Photo: Cheyne Smith

Band: Full Choke
From: Seattle, Washington

Their formation story:
(Scabhammer, vocals): "Full Choke formed out of a confusing mess of a band called Dirtnap with a mile-long list of members over its lifespan. When our drummer Brad and I joined the band, we tried to maintain the same name for quite some time, but eventually, after picking up our guitar player Brendan, we just had to drop the old name to make room for something that belonged to us. Full Choke was born out of necessity."

Their sound in their own words:
"We make emotionally-driven, divebomb ridden, caveman-style fight metal. We don't use a lot of effects or bullshit, our songs are short and pissed. We are heavily influenced by bands like Downpresser, Incendiary, Bent Life, etc. Our lyrics are simple but intensely punchy and thoughtfully delivered."

Latest release info:
"This album is an expression of pain and power. A lot of our songs delve into concepts related to suicide, anxiety, abuse, depression, drug use, drug dealing and violence. None of this shit matters if it sits in our minds to fester. The act of expression is an act of expulsion. We're just squeezing the fuckin poison out."

Future plans:
"Our immediate goals are to record and release as much as we possibly can. We write new songs pretty regularly and enjoy keeping our live set fresh. We want to spread this new album as far and as wide as we possibly can so we can start doing short tour runs as soon as possible. We'll be heading down the West Coast in June."

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"There's a ton of heat to check out in the northwest but we want to spread the word about Malinois (absolute assbeater doomy hardcore), Down to Riot (heavy fun real party punk), Kaizo (dark mathy harcore), and Pine Box (pissed grimy hardcore)."

Full Choke on social media: Instagram

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