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Record Collector: Alexandre “Kalota” Fanucchi (I Shot Cyrus, B.U.S.H., Point of No Return)

Alexandre Fanucchi, aka Kalota, is part of the punk/hardcore scene from São Paulo, Brazil. He has also played in a lot of bands in the mid-'90s until early '00s like: I Shot Cyrus, B.U.S.H., O Inimigo, and Point of No Return.

I met Alexandre many years ago at the WFMU Record Fair in NYC, when he used to come from Brazil with friends, shopping for product to stock at his record store, SUB Discos in São Paulo. I hope to see him again at that fair once things return to normal life. Until then, enjoy his take on record collecting.

How did you get into collecting records?

Well, started in the mid-'80s when I got involved with the local punk scene of my neighborhood. I was a 13-year-old kid with a shitty job, I could not afford to buy records, so I used to go to my friends house to tape their records. So, at first, I had a tape collection until my mom give me as a birthday gift the Ramones Rocket to Russia LP, then, in the same day, I decided that the tapes does not make sense anymore.

In the end of each month, as soon as I got paid, I just ran straight to the record stores, getting there the little cash I had was only enough for one record or two, but I kept doing it again and again until today. The difference is that nowadays I can get more records. 

My fascination for punk/hardcore music used to drive me crazy, the records sleeves blew my mind, and I could stand in front of them forever. 

From Alexandre's collection

What was the first record you bought with your own money?

It was Empty Skulls Vol #2 - The Wound Deepens compilation. Funny because it was before I go to any record store, I got it on the streets, a punk was selling or trading it for beer, so was a cheap one for me. 

What is your collecting philosophy? What do you collect and why?

My collecting philosophy means listen to all my records as much as I can, use and take as much as I can from them, enjoy each second while they are spinning on my turntable. Most of my collection is based in punk/hardcore probably because of my roots and where I came from.

Punk was the first music style I fell in love with, but nowadays I listen to a lot of different things besides punk.

We all have one record that we sold that we completely regret, what is yours?

Poison Idea Pick Your King EP blue sleeve. But I already have another copy of it right back in my collection. Once I traded my N.O.T.A. Moscow EP for a cheese pizza. I was only 14 and needed a pizza. Also got it back.

From Alexandre's collection

You run a record store in Sao Paulo Brazil, correct? How does working in a record store shape your collecting habits? Talk a little about record store life.

Yeah, together with my friend Mateus Mondini I run SUB Discos (formerly known as The Records). Our store is right in the downtown of São Paulo. The store has been open for almost 12 years and I can tell you that my collection just doubled since we opened it.

Maybe the selfish thing about to own a record store (talking about me) is that when the records arrive the rule is owners first, customers second. We never let anything go if we want it.

From Alexandre's collection

What do think about the values of rare punk and hardcore records skyrocketing? Do you think the bubble will burst?

It’s crazy and getting crazier day by day. I have no clue where its gonna end. For you to have an idea, $1 is 5 times our money here in Brazil and there are some records being sold for prices that you could buy a house over here.

From Alexandre's collection

What’s the most you ever shelled out for a record?

$800 for the Chronic Sick LP, 6 years ago.

From Alexandre's collection

Name a record or records you can’t live without?

Ramones Rocket to Russia, SUB v/a, Discharge Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing, Black Flag Damaged, and Ratos De Porao Crucificados Pelo Sistema. But I could name a lot more.

From Alexandre's collection

What’s your best score or trade?

Wretched/Indigesti EP, got it for $4 dollars back in '91. I bought it from the same guy who sold me the Empty Skulls comp. (but few years later).  

What are the top records on your want list currently?

Antidote EP, Abused EP, Zouo EP, Chaos Z EP, so many more. Just to think of them I almost cry, because they are each day more expensive and out of my reach.

From Alexandre's collection

Is there anything that really bothers you about the collecting scene?

One thing that really bothers me is when someone buys a record just because it's valuable and don’t even like the music, or even will listen to it, just put lots of plastic sleeves to protect and keep it forever. 

What do you foresee for the future of vinyl and collecting?

I'm happy to have built a big part of my collection in a time where the prices were still ok. Unfortunately, I think that the future of record collecting will be based in represses and the OG ones will be barely seen.

Do you plan on growing old with your records or do you have an exit strategy?

Yes, I plan to grow really old with them, but they will have to go one day for sure. I don’t wanna die without see to where my records go, so if I still have the record store, my plan is put almost everything there and iwill sit my old ass on a chair and watch people taking them away to their homes.  

From Alexandre's collection

What’s a record or genre in your collection that might surprise some of your followers on Instagram?

Jazz. I love Jazz. I learnt to like it and now I love it. There is so much energy in it, I really feel good listening to my jazz records.


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