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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Sea of Sorrow

Photo: CJ Gnow

Band: Sea of Sorrow
From: Las Vegas, Nevada

Their formation story:
(Joel Staniszewski, drums/backup vocals): "Knowing each other from the Las Vegas scene, as well as former and current bands, it was easy to connect the people to be in the band. The hard part was figuring out who was going to do what in the band. Once we got that squared away, we were ready to go."

Their sound in their own words:
"We are all huge fans of hardcore and metal from the '90s until now. We try to blend a little bit of everything we love into our sound from riffs to drum fills to breakdowns. Hoping that it all combines into something special."

Latest release info:
"We’ve been playing these 5 songs for a bit trying to get them as tight as possible. We’ve played them all live (with an occasional cover) since May 2023 and wanted to get them recorded and out so people could listen and sing along.

"Death Take Me Home is a collection of 5 songs written by 5 people who love hardcore and want to keep it going."

Future plans:
"Continue to play shows locally and regionally. Write some more songs and keep pushing ahead."

What other bands from region?
"Las Vegas is popping off right now thanks to Blackpath Booking and Outlook Fanzine. Some great Las Vegas bands to check out that span the entire spectrum of hardcore include: Khasm, Scrutiny, Thousand Wayz 2 Die, The Hate, Dredge, Echoes of Amara, Blush Hour, and many more!"

Hit the Sea of Sorrow Linktree to find all of their social media pages.

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