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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Time Void

Photo: Anthony Taylor

Band: Time Void
From: Portland, Oregon

Their formation story:
(Zachariah, vocals): "All of us have been playing in various hardcore bands in the Portland area since the early 2000s. The band was started right before the pandemic. All of us wanted to do something different and draw on a variety of musical influences, much of which comes from the era of hardcore we came up in.

Their sound in their own words:
"We would describe our sound as bouncy, melodic hardcore. Our influences range from No Warning to Modern Life Is War to Outbreak to The Hope Conspiracy… but honestly, all of us listen to pretty much any type of hardcore, including heavier beatdown stuff.

"Dry Socket recently put on a flier under our name, 'FFO of 2005 hardcore'… they’re not wrong [laughs]. There’s definitely something for everybody, because of that appreciation for many types of hardcore."

Latest release info:
"We wanted to write 3 songs that flowed together well, and to capture some moodier material we’ve created. All of us are heavily influenced by the outdoors and living in the PNW, so the name Tributaries is a nod to the multitude of waterways in the area and more conceptually, the flow of time.

"It is also a confluence of some of the inspirations behind the themes of our first release, Consumer Ritual, playing off some similar ideas and topics condensed into new perspectives. Lyrically speaking, this record is focused around trying to maintain some sense of gratitude in a world of increasingly shitty circumstances.

"The first song, So It Goes,' is an open letter love song to hardcore and how it has helped all of us cope through life over the years. The second song, 'Ophiology,' is playing on the concept of snake metaphors from the previous album. The lyrics are mainly about weeding out the sketchy people in your life and scene and also not becoming a jaded archetype by recognizing one’s faults and attempting to reflect and improve.

"The closing track, '0 with 1000 Faces,' is a commentary on “the heroes journey” or all the trials and tribulations one goes through in life on top of dealing with all the chaos in a changing world and learning to accept and adapt to our current situation.

"While the songs are a bit different than our previous release, you can definitely still hear our 'blender' approach to combining influences. Huge shoutout to Joe Anderson (Helvete Sound], who understood the mission of how we wanted these songs to sound and totally nailed it."

Future plans:
"We are now focused on writing more material and hopefully getting back into the studio later this year. We are planning to hit the road for a mini run later this year with some Seattle/Tacoma bands also.

"One of the things we’ve talked about at length, is staying power. So many bands come and go, and our goal is that this is just the beginning of our story.

What other bands you should check out from their region?
"All of them. The northwest at large has so much dope shit going on. Portland is a unique, small scene that is popping off right now and there are so many good bands: Slime, Dry Socket, Blu Blaz, Misery Whip, These Fucking Hands, Shellshock, Guilt Tradition, State Violence, Teardown, Aggro, Street Policy, Boltcutter, Lab Rat, Jade Dust, All Will Suffer, Four Dead Seasons.

"In the coming years, people across the country will def be hearing more about our scene here. Kids are starting bands like wildfire."

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