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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Nailgun

Photo: Vinny Nelson

Band: Nailgun
From: Cleveland, Ohio

Their formation story:
(Connor Tvrdik, guitar/vocals): "Nick, Buck, and I would always joke about starting a power violence band called Nailgun. Back in Summer 2023, we worked together to make it a reality with our friend Lip Jaworski on drums. We wrote and recorded our first EP in October.

"After we finished recording, Lip left for personal reasons and was replaced by another good friend of ours, Jake Gambatese of Frenzy, another great Cleveland band.(Who 6 months prior was asked to play guitar so I didn’t have to, but declined due to us 'not being a real band')"

Their sound in their own words:
"Heavy power violence, for fans of bands like His Hero Is Gone, Dead In the Dirt, and Regional Justice Center."

Latest release info:
"We released our first EP last month. It took quite a while to come together considering we didn’t have much experience as songwriters. But overall I feel as though this EP encapsulates everything we wanted this band to be, loud, heavy and aggressive with lyrics focusing on the destruction of the environment, societal issues and human cruelty."

Future plans:
"We have a few local shows coming up (2/24 @ Musica, Akron, Ohio and 3/12 @ No Class, Cleveland, Ohio) but in the meantime our main focus is writing new material. Trying to have something out by late spring/early summer.

"Aside from that, we’re looking into playing some out-of-town shows and possibly a short east coast run over the summer."

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"Cleveland has a great hardcore scene, but to name a few: You Die First, Grudge, Grouch, Live It Down, and Saccharine."


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