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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Major Pain

Photo: Dave Mandel

Band: Major Pain
From: Orange County, California

Their formation story: 
(Kenny Luengas, vocalist): "We all came together to just jam and write a demo and play one show. To be completely honest, they were doing another band and I was doing my own band and they’d invite me over for practice and one thing led to the next and before you know if we were together jamming as a band.

"The name kinda came as a joke. I was working a shift at Programme and my boss Chris had the movie Major Payne playing, he thought it’d be hilarious if a band was named after the movie. I hit up the group chat and there you go, Major Pain came to be." 

Their sound in their own words:
"This ones tough and we’ve all debated this, best way to describe it is New York hardcore at a specific time, late '80s to early '90s. Bands at the time were just on the cusp of going full-blown metallic but still fast enough that it was full on breakdowns. Koops, our bass player, put it best, just think NYHC Where The Wild Things Are comp. 

"As far as influences go, it’s kind of all over the place since we all have pretty different tastes, for sure Gorilla Biscuits, Fury, Breakdown, Outburst, Madball, Step for Change, Illusion. There’s so much more that the guys are pulling from that I can’t name em all."

Latest release info:
"Promo 2023 is a taste of what’s coming. In all honesty, the demo was kinda written outta necessity to play our first show. These two songs we really kinda honed in on what we wanted to sound like but even then we only scratched the surface. We’ve been writing since the recording of the promo and they kinda helped set the tone for what’s coming.

"Lyrically speaking, the songs feel way more thought out than the demo which is what I wanted to do, and musically Jerm, Matty, and Koop stepped their game up big time."

Future plans:
"We’re planning on recording for a 12” in the summertime. We’ve also got a couple of shows lined up for the rest of the year and a small run in July leading up to Indecision 30."

What other bands from their region should we check out? 
"Firestarter, those dudes are special and honestly some of the coolest dudes we know. Bent Blue out of San Diego, Whirlwind, Bayblock, Stateside, Ridgeway, and Pop Free out of Orange County. Back to Godhead, In Time, Abstain, Glean, Purest Bond, Spiritual Warfare.

"I’m sure I’m missing a couple more but off the top of my head but those are the ones that immediately come to mind."

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