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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Leach

Band: Leach
From: Milan, Italy

Their formation story:
"We formed in early 2022 from the ashes of an older project which already included three out of the four Leach members. We started rehearsing with Sofia, the new bass player, but instead of a simple change of lineup, the project took a new shape, with a sound of its own.

"At the beginning of summer, we performed our first gig together and, given the positive response of the public, we decided to move forward this way and record our first demo."

Their sound in their own words:
"Our sound tries to combine different hues of punk hardcore: swinging between British sounds, like The Flex, up to more American aesthetics, well represented by groups like Raw Brigade. 

"In addition to the aforementioned above we take inspiration from bands like Armor, Gag, and some classic bands like Negative Approach and Poison Idea."

Latest release info:
"We just dropped a demo consisting of four tracks. The song 'Breakpoint' depicts our transition from the previous band to the Leach sound. 'Supervision' refers to the works of Irene Fenara, exploring the relationship between humanity and telematic control. 'Poles' is an ironic take on the contrasts between chain punk and egg punk, given that we don't feel belonging to one nor the other faction.  

“'Estorbo,' in Spanish, is a reflection on human relationships and how depression can deteriorate them. Each song focuses on different concepts, but we think they are all well represented by the means and sounds we had in mind."

Future plans:
"Our plan is to play a lot in our city as well as start touring Italy in the near future. Of course we would like to play abroad too, at least in Europe. Meanwhile we are focus on writing new material and music."

What other bands from their region should we check out? 
"There are several bands in our local scene that we deeply respect, follow and appreciate. To list a few Milanese names: Golpe, Lucta, and Scemo. There are other Italian bands, not necessarily that close to our sound, which we appreciate a lot, certainly among these Short Fuse, Cheap Date, and 3ND7R."

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