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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Diall

Photo: Bobby Cole

Band: Diall
From: Newcastle upon Tyne, England

Their formation story:
"Diall formed from the leftovers of previous projects. There were numerous bands, line up changes and failed attempts over many months before the four of us came together. It started as an idea that was talked about, joked about and floated around for a good while before anything happened.

"We wanted to make music that was pissed off and laughed back in the face of our city and local scene that provided so little that resonated with us and had been spewing out nothing but boring ‘nice’ bands for too long.

"Up until 2022 playing hardcore punk in Newcastle upon Tyne was tedious. It didn’t matter how much you put in, you got nothing back. There were barely any bands, no suitable or accessible venues, no community hub, it was rare that any tours would come through and the remnants of a scene were hanging on by a thread.

"The Lubber Fiend is a DIY venue in the city centre that opened in May and changed everything, it’s the beating heart of Newcastle. If that place didn’t exist, Diall wouldn’t exist and neither would our friends' bands or the new DIY music community that’s flourished since their doors opened."

Their sound in their own words:
"We’ve been described as 'weirdo hardcore,' which I’m fine with. It’s bitter, sarcastic, and demented. We’re influenced by but not limited to Glue, Gag, BIB, Cadaver Dog, Raw Nerve, The Repos, Zodd, Negative FX. "

Latest release info:
"Currently, our only release is the demo tape, which came out in May this year. We recorded six songs ourselves using four microphones and a laptop in our practice room. We mixed them in my kitchen before sending to our friend Lewis Thompson for mastering (Lewis runs the label Soft Verse and plays in the band Stannington).

"I made all the artwork and inserts and Conviction Records put it out on tape. The first batch sold out so we’ve just made a second run with alternative artwork to tide us over until our next release. It was quite wholesome doing the whole thing ourselves, we’ve always gone to proper studios in previous bands but I think the style we play benefits from being a bit sketchy and raw."

Future plans:
"We’re just about to record songs for a 7-inch that will be out on Crew Cuts in 2023."

What other bands from their region should we check out? 
"pH People and Spit are Newcastle locals that have just released demo tapes. Louse, Mortsafe, and The Shits are all smashing it. We just played a weekender with Skrewball & Consolation, we’ve played with The Reflecting Skin & Frisk from Leeds and we share a practice room with Smote.

"Quite a varied mix but all these bands deserve your attention."

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