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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Calcine

Photo: Laure Ghilarducci 

Band: Calcine
From: Paris, France

Their formation story:
Luc (guitarist): "Lucas (drummer) and I wrote and recorded 6 songs in summer 2021 during the COVID lockdown. 

Stef (singer): "I answered to their Facebook post searching for a singer for an already recorded demo in the vein of Kickback and Arkangel. Then, we first met at a Path of ResurgenceArak Asso show in November."

Arthur (bassist): "I play with Luc and Lucas in another band called Montagne (post hardcore). We are close friends so I naturally joined Calcine."

Their sound in their own words:
"Each member has different background and inspirations. We try to mix hardcore metal from the '90s (Kickback, All Out War) with more modern influences from bands like Soul Search, King Nine, or Walls of Jericho."

Latest release info:
"We just released Common Love Common Nausea via Church Road Records. It's a 9-song album that we almost DIY recorded, except for the drums, which were recorded by Arthur Kern. 

"This album was then mixed by Timothee Froger (who already mixed our previous demo) and mastered by R3my Boy. Compared to our previous demo, we have tried to mix more influences, staying aggressive while a bit more melodic.

"Lyrically, the nausea comes from what the reality of today's world makes us feel, and seeing that it is only getting worse. From police brutality to the rise of the far right in France; it is devastating to see racism rising so high right now. Also, sexist and sexual violence are still a big social problem that we must follow and fight for. 

"Veganism and animal suffering will always be a struggle not to forget, and we will keep talking about it. What's important is to see this chaos and stay in movement to not sink into despair, to stay creatives, fight for our lives and defend our values.

"The hardcore and underground scene is a space that must keep alive, that we must protect, because it still allows us to be ourselves, to express our convictions, our desires to live in a different world, more respectful, more accessible, more inclusive, than what is imposed on us elsewhere."

Future plans:
"A DIY French summer tour with Deviant, then the Xtremfest and Motocultor festivals."

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"We had the chance to tour with Eurydice and Reclaimed, we love them! You also need to check out Worst Doubt, Sorcerer, Cold Decay, Headbussa, Take it in Blood, Cavalerie, Iron Deficiency, Corruption Pact, Soul Hater, Citrus, Broken Ankles, and Sick Nerves!"


Common Love Common Nausea is out now via Church Road Records, and also available on CD from Out of Thunes Records.

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