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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Arize

Photo: André Djanikian

Band: Arize
From: São Paulo, Brazil

Their formation story:
(Athos, vocals): "We had all known each other for quite some time. After returning from abroad where I played in bands like Payday and Mischief, and previously in Brazil with bands like DisXease, I reconnected with Breno, who played in B’urst.

"Post-pandemic, Breno and I hadn't been active in bands for a while, so we decided to start a heavy hardcore band. We invited Caio, who played in Clearview, and shortly after, Vinicius and Emerson, who were always at shows with us, joined to complete our lineup."

Their sound in their own words:
"Describing our sound is a bit tricky because we don't think we sound exactly like any of the bands we were listening to when we started. We were influenced by early Hatebreed, Kickback, Cold as Life, and Merauder. While these bands shaped our sound, there's also a modern hardcore touch to it."

Latest release info:
"We just released a single from a batch of five tracks we recorded. We worked with Rogerio Wecko in São Paulo for the recording, and Scott Rockingham (Frame of Mind and Blind Authority) did the mix and master.

"We're very satisfied with the outcome, and the feedback has been fantastic. Now, we're looking for a label interested in releasing it physically."

Future plans:
"Our immediate plans include releasing the rest of the tracks, playing local shows, writing new material for an LP, and hopefully doing a small tour overseas."

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"You should definitely check out Joker, Dente Canino, Obsoletion, Stomp, Pele Fria, Mee, and Paura."

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